Visual design can be a stunning process to be involved in at the best of times.  Add the element of motion and timing and stunning becomes an understatement.



Animation has come a long way since the dawn of the artform and technology has kept right along with it.  Thanks to the leaps and bounds made in desktop computing hardware and software capabilities once accessible only to massive Hollywood studios have come to the desks of studios like Animatters.  We run the exact same software that the big production studios use in the production of all of your favorite animated masterpieces.


Perhaps it's time we started working on your very own epic.





The mere mention of 3d animation can conjure up thoughts of talking toys, warping spacecraft and jurassic resurrections.  We may not have produced any blockbuster epics of note but we certainly have rendered off hours and hours of technical animation, product prototypes and concept sales presentations.  We've brought undersea worlds to life, helicopters to the skies and downhole drilling tools deep beneath the surface.

Once the model is made it can be taken to untold lengths from print to web to interactive media and beyond.


Have something that you need to visualize? We'll bring things to life.



Over the years Animatters has employed both 2d and 3D animation to illustrate an enormous cross section of complex concepts.  Ultrasonic phased array inspection, magnetically aligned nanoparticles in a human lung, transdermal penetration of chemicals....just a few of the more technical bits we've brought to life and to clarity.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a thousand frames...